We’d better give our heads a shake

Oil Sands

The Globe and Mail special on the Alberta Oils Sands is fascinating.  How we, as a species, can think that we can modify/extract/rape the earth like they are currently doing up by Fort McMurray and still remain sustainable is a question that needs to be dealt with.  Whether you believe in global warming/climate change or not, why should we be allowed to leave such a large, significant, dramatic footprint on the earth?  Sure there is lots of demand for oil, and sure, Alberta has a lot of it – basic economics aside, that doesn’t mean that we need to meet that demand.  Small children have an almost limitless demand for candy and TV.  I’m fairly sure that most parents don’t just cave-in and supply those “needs”.  So why do we have to do it with oil? Why can’t we just say – enough is enough and maybe we need to change our lifestyle to fit our environment rather than forcing change on our environment in order to meet our lifestyle?  I believe in small steps making a difference, in personal responsibility, and that it’s not too late.  So I ask you – what steps have you already made or what small steps are you willing to make?  We don’t need to learn from Ralph Klein or Ed Stelmach, I suggest that their way of thinking is: (a) greedy, (b) old fashioned, (c) corporate whore-mongering, or (d) all the above.  Comments are more than welcome!

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