Once a student always a student?

Call me crazy, shake your head – I’m going back to school.  Over the past few years as I’ve realized that I love teaching and how little I really know about teaching and learning, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about doing some formal education on, well, education.  Since I can’t just quit my job and go back to being a grad student (Tessa would kill me), in 2006/07 I enrolled in UBC Vancouver’s Faculty Certificate Program.  Its an 8 month program where I went out to Vancouver once a month to learn some education fundamentals.  While doing that program I met Harry, an education faculty member who specializes in post-secondary curriculum issues – exactly what I was looking for.  With the move to UBCO, the possibility of doing some grad work with Harry has become a reality.  I am officially enrolled as a part-time masters student in the faculty of education at UBCV starting next spring.  I’m going to complete it over the next couple summers so that I can still work full time and pay the bills.  My expectations for the program are high although I suspect that I’ll be left with more questions than when I started – that is generally the sign of successful education.  As Christmas nears I hope you have taken the time to shovel some snow, drink some eggnog, eat some Christmas oranges, and kiss a loved one.  Happy holidays!

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  1. Congratulations! Sounds a good move to make. You are clearly motivated and excited by learning, so this is probably a waste of time, but if you do ever feel a bit low I have an article online that might help, entitled “Mature Students: University Certainly Is For You”, at:


    I agree with one of your other postings about teachers not feeling students try hard, work hard etc etc. I have come across this kind of view and, like you, find it depressing and simply wrong.

    Eventually, I was moved to act and I sat and wrote an article in an effort to help students who for whatever reason might be having trouble focussing. It’s called “How to Increase Your Motivation and Tackle Procrastination: A Practical Guide for Students” and it’s at:


    Best wishes.


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