Remember the student

I find it easy to forget about the students while I’m teaching – obviously a bad habit since teaching can’t happen in isolation of learning and learning clearly requires students!  Last fall I was teaching a large class (450 students) and as I was looking out at the student body one day it hit me – I don’t just teach, I don’t teach a class, I actually teach a set of individual students.  When you’re standing in front of a group of students I encourage you to actually look at an individual student.  Do you know their name?  Their interests?  Their background?  Their fears?The same can be said about grading or evaluating – don’t worry about the class average, think instead about each student’s individual grade.  Each student is unique and needs to be treated (taught) uniquely.   That may seem impossible in today’s dollars and cents higher education environment, but don’t give up. Sure, it takes effort but what worthwhile enterprise doesn’t?

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