A request for some help!

Ok, I’m stuck on this one and I appreciate all ideas that you can provide.  In my tax class I always allow students to bring their textbook into the two midterms and final exam.  I do this to (a) promote using a reference when doing tax and (b) avoid the memorization that would be required if the resource was not allowed.  To keep the “playing field level” I stress that students are NOT allowed to write in their textbooks; they can tab and highlight but no notes can be written in the text.  That is a serious rule and subject to the strongest integrity issues at UBC.  In the past three years I have had very few problems with this system and it seems to have worked quite well.

I also encourage and promote students to use e-textbooks which are becoming more and more common.  Those e-texts avoid students having to lug around pounds of paper (which discourages them bring the books to begin with).  For the first time, students in the tax class have purchased the e-text.  Here’s the problem, well there may be two separate problems: (1) in order to allow them access to their e-texts during exams they will be required to have their laptops and wifi; (2) the e-text allows them to annotate the book with little “notes”.  I have checked with the e-text provider and they have no way of turning the notes feature off.  So how do I try to ensure that the students using the e-texts have similar access to the students using the paper copies?

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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