Mondays are no worse than Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays!

Here’s a decent article about the requirement for employers to be creating mentally healthy workplaces for employees.

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A few comments grabbed my attention. First, “unpaid overtime can lead to mental harm” – having worked in the accounting profession and now in higher education, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced paid overtime – does that exist?  Unpaid overtime is fun for a while, when you love what you’re doing you can always “buckle down and get it done” but eventually we’ll burn out.  Work hard and then slack off is my advice.  Slacking off means yoga or golf in my case.

The second great comment comes later in the article, “positive psychological health occurs when organizations offer consistent recognition and acknowledgement and are fair”.  So true.  Acknowledgement and recognition go a long way.  If you’re a manager or a boss try encouraging an employee once a day.  I suspect that will contribute to a much healthier workplace.  For some reason, people find giving (and receiving) compliments difficult.

Last comment: what about Fridays?  Are they just that much better?

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