What do you want to do before you die?

What a great question!  In this 6 minute TED Talk, Candy Chang shows some fantastic public art projects – no they’re more than that, they’re public connection projects.  In this video she takes a dilapidated house in New Orleans and turns it into a giant chalkboard for people to put down their dreams.  I’m sure the responses start off slow but its amazing to see the variety of responses.  You must watch to see the pirate guy – that’s worth the price of admission!

As many TED talks do, this one really made me think – what do I want to do before I die?  Here’s the best I could do on short notice.  Its a great exercise though and hopefully this helps keep me accountable and on track:

  • Shoot under 80 on a regulation golf course
  • Cycle around Australia, all the way around
  • Have people think and talk about mental health just as we talk and think about cancer or broken legs
  • Write a book
  • Help my kids crack the time travel problem (likely by paying for education, lots of graduate-level physics education)
  • Share a beer and a long laugh with my Mom and Dad on their deck at least once a year while we’re all here
I’m sure there are more, but that list is a good starting spot.  Join in the conversation by entering your “Before I die” goals below as a comment.

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