Is our vocabulary really that limited?

In the last two weeks I have heard the following words be used in a derogatory fashion: “Jew”, “gay”, and “retard”.   Worse, all three were being applied to a specific person in response to specific behaviour.  Even worse, all three words were uttered by people who have higher education.  Perhaps we need to offer a special course to all first year students?  We could title it, “Expanding your vocabulary beyond four letter and other inappropriate words”.  The “Jew” and “gay” comments were in relatively private settings (less than 100 people), the “retard” comment was on the twitter sphere by the queen of shallowness, Ann Coulter.  If you have missed the news around this, she is referring to Obama.

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I’ve never understood how she gets the airtime that she does or why anyone would waste $10 on one of her books.  If you want to see her “wisdom” up against Bill Maher, watch this.

While many tweeters put her in her place very quickly, the best response was made by John Franklin Stephens.  Kudos to him for taking the high road rather than stooping to her level.  His letter to Coulter is definitely worth reading and should provide a ray of hope that there are still kind and generous people in this world.  Its unfortunate that they don’t get the same airtime as the loud bullies like Coulter.  (Click the image below for the full letter).

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