Yet another post on drunken student behaviour

I’ve posted before about alcohol use/abuse (and earlier) on campus and while I support the notion of “students growing up” I truly think that universities, administrators, faculty, staff and students need to approach this problem (and it is a problem) with renewed interest.  The article below is about how student groups were shocked/dismayed/upset at the University of Alberta’s recent decision to ban alcohol in public portions of some student residences.  I’m actually surprised that such use was ever allowed.  Yes the drinking age in Alberta is 18 but surely there are many minors in residence and why would public areas of a residence building ever be appropriate for drinking, drunken behaviour, and vomiting?  If you don’t think student drinking is a problem, read this – it’s disturbing and shocking.

A university must be primarily a place of higher education.  That requires a focus on learning and rarely do learning and alcohol go together.  In fact, learning and alcohol ABUSE never go together – well except for the first time you wake up with a hangover and say “never again”.  I’m all for holistic student development; university should not just be about formal learning in the classroom.  This is an excellent time to explore new things and meet new people.  Those don’t require being drunk.  If students think that wandering through four years of university in a drunken haze is acceptable, society has done something incredibly wrong.  If you want to drink your brains out, withdraw from school and fill your boots.

Kudos to the University of Alberta for their stance!

Click the image below for the full article and comments – trust me, the comments are entertaining.

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