A few years away, but I’m back

Well today is my birthday so I thought I’d revive my long-stagnant blog about teaching and learning.  One of the great things with blogs is that whether your idea you choose to share is any good or not, you can still write about it.  I’m at one of those “seasons” of inspiration right now and trying to ramp up my writing so this is just another outlet for me.  Yesterday I was reading a short article by Parker Palmer (yes of Courage to Teach fame) and he writes,

I also learned that if you can’t write a book, write a lot of essays. If you can’t write an essay, write a lot of paragraphs. If you can’t write a paragraph, write a line or a word. And if you can’t do that on the page, write your truth with your life, which is far more important than any book. (Palmer, P. J. (2010). Taking pen in hand. Christian Century, 127(18), 22-25)

So that’s my plan, my goal, my objective by taking up the pen again.  I will use this as a repository of lines, paragraphs, and ideas.  Who knows where they’ll end up but I won’t lose them and that’s important to me.

I will commit to sharing at least one idea (hopefully a great idea) every week.  If I fall short please keep me accountable!  Yes, Mom I wrote that for you, my only reader!

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