I was speaking with some of my colleagues last week, both locally and nationally, and I was disappointed with their comments on students.  Any professor has either heard or thought comments about students’ lack of motivation, poor work ethic, or students’ seemingly disrespectful attitude towards professors.  Maybe I am a push-over or naive, but I have a belief that students are fantastic people that I can learn as much from them as I hope to teach.  Sure some students are keener than others, some are more focused, and some are more similar to “us” – but each student is an important part of this world, needs to be treated as such, and the “more difficult” ones need more care, not less. Someone once told me that when teachers whine about students study skills etc, we should remember our purpose here.  An analogy is like doctors complaining about all the sick people in the hospital and how the doctors’ job would be easier if the people weren’t sick.  Clearly that’s a pretty silly argument and I claim that whining about students is not much different. So, to the students I say thank you for being you, thank you for giving me a chance to interact with you, I really do respect that.  To the faculty I say deflate your ego and rise to the challenge.  The fruit of our labours is worth it, I have immense faith in that.