Curriculum design – the easy way?

I was listening to an operations management seminar today, and the gist of it was (well the part I understood) that there are three things a service business should consider: defining the target market, deciding on the product, and figuring out the delivery model.  Where should a post-secondary program start?  Some people may think that the target market is easy, all high school grads.  Luckily there is a wide diversity of high school grads and some are more suited to a business program than others.  If we attract students that will not thrive in our program, the program will fail.  The delivery model is also up for grabs.  Although post-secondary education has (and unfortunately still does) focused on the lecture method of delivery, psychology research clearly shows that its fairly ineffective.  Western has been very successful using the case-method, then we have the alphabet-soup of PBL, TBL and others.  Last, the product.  What is the product we are trying to deliver?  Great education of course, but are we specializing in certain industries?  certain functional areas?  certain thematic areas? Continue reading “Curriculum design – the easy way?”