A missed opportunity

The Hilton-Kelowna has been packed to the rafters the last few nights.  Yesterday one of my guests was wandering back from the beach, came inside where I was working, and said, “There’s a old guy smoking in your drive way”.  Sure there’s lots of old people in my neighbourhood and there are enough “nuts” that I thought I’d go see what the excitement was.  Sure enough, there he was – wandering aimlessly, puffing away.  My first thought was, “don’t throw your cigarette butt on my grass because I haven’t watered it for 3 months!”  Then I noticed his silver Mercedes with a flat tire.  I asked him if he needed a phone to give someone a call, he said he already had.  Then I figured that I could do it as easily as someone from BCAA, so I dove in.  Well actually my guest and I dove in.  First we had to undo the screw up the guy had caused trying to fix the flat himself.  Anyway, we were done 5 minutes later and the old guy and his wife were on there way.  So what’s the point of this story?  I missed the opportunity to teach this guy how to fix his own flat tire.  Looking back I don’t think there was any desire on his part to learn.  Once you’ve got a Benz maybe you don’t need to get your hands dirty?  Back to the point … how often do I miss the opportunity with students?  Teaching and learning always take more time than just doing the task but then we miss the opportunity to “pass it along”, “share the wealth”, “feed them for a lifetime” – whatever expression works for you, don’t miss the opportunity.So to my new, old friend, I apologize for not taking the time to teach you some fine flat-tire form.  I hope you never need it again, but if you do, I hope I’m there!