Shakespeare is everywhere!

I had the great pleasure of attending two Shakespeare plays this week at Bard on the Beach in Vancouver, Taming of the Shrew and MacBeth.  Very different plays for sure but what an incredible experience.  My motivation for attending was partly as a result of seeing Christopher Gaze live at TEDxVancouver last fall.  Christopher is the artistic director of Bard but really is the life and blood of that organization.  Almost 25 years ago he was a critical part of getting the Bard up and running and its amazing to see where he and many other directors, actors and volunteers have taken it.  If you’re out on the west coast of Canada this summer I highly recommend the experience.

Anyway, here is the TEDx talk that motivated me to begin with.  Whether you like Shakespeare or not, you will agree that Christopher is a fabulous public speaker, an entertainer and educator at heart.  Lessons for any teachers, students, or lovers of culture – enjoy!